The ego is a social construct, much of it a mirror of the oppressive society. It’s selfish. It’s scared. It’s competitive. It’s self-centered by definition ie; the term, egotistical. Petty. Spiteful. Often hurtful. Defensive. Arrogant. Judgmental. In the case of males, sexist, privileged and entitled.  

There are a number ways of dismantling the ego. One of them is psychedelic drugs. With the right intention psychedelic drugs like ayahuasca, LSD, mushrooms, ketamine, etc… can have some positive lasting effects on the mind. Another is meditation – extremely slow but effective if you can stick to it, which many people have difficulty doing. Another is BDSM, in particular, humiliation. The sub space for which submissives strive is a blissful place beyond ego. Humiliation in BDSM can take many forms. Being naked in front of a Master/Mistress or crowd; having self-centeredness whipped out of you; OTK spanking, toilet games, being used as furniture, being pimped out to others, licking boots/feet; licking asses;… sucking dick can be though it isn’t always humiliating, depending on the submissive. …and for cross-dressing… Some people think the humiliating aspects of cross-dressing mock or caricature women, but the most humiliating aspect of a man dressing as a woman is the failure of most the men to come anywhere near the sublime magnificence of all women in both appearance and sensibility. 

-Ms. James,

…Your favorite erotic, sensual, San Francisco switch, Mistress, Dominatrix, playmate, companion, muse…


Just a little thought on one of my favorite kinky past times...

     Traditionally in our society, men are raised to kill *or* be killed to defend the empire. The main thrust of such a child rearing practice is to blunt men’s capacity for caring. -It’s harder to shoot someone you care about than one you don’t. This is one of the ways sexism is profoundly hurtful to men. “Big boys don’t cry!," they are told from an age that isn’t very big at all. Men’s incapacity to cry may be one of the most salient causes of violence today (since we were after all bred to BE violent).

     The male-female divide really just has one main "issue" (amongst the squares, anyway): different genitals. In other words, women can and should have all those characteristics thought of as male – aggressiveness, assertiveness, physical strength, power – and men can and should have all the characteristics thought of as female – caring, softness, tenderness, sexiness, lovingness. 

     People cross-dress for different reasons, but at least some of you do it because you sincerely want to get in touch with the “feminine” side of you, denied to you by sexism. 

     For men to fully embrace their “feminine” side and vice versa, femininization enables them to be whole humans, embracing both yin and yang energy. What could be wrong with that, I ask?

Thoughtfully yours,

-Ms. James

…Your favorite erotic, sensual, San Francisco switch, Mistress, Dominatrix, playmate, companion, muse…